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There are lots of words that someone can use to describe Edipsos and the surrounding area: relaxation, rejuvenation, wellness, revitalization. Edipsos is located in north Evia, on the west coast, below Mount Telethrio. Evia is the second largest island of Greece, after Crete.


After you arrive at the capital of the island, Chalkida, move north for a distance of 120 km, and you will reach Edipsos. Alternatively, there is also access via Arkitsa and Glyfa by ferry.

Edipsos is renowned from the ancient years for its thermal springs with proven healing properties and has the heads up when it comes to well-being. Thanks to a wealth of natural hot springs, Edipsos has been attracting visitors seeking to benefit from its curative waters since antiquity.

According to mythology, when Athena asked Hephaistos to create warm waters with healing properties, so that Hercules could relax after every labor, he chose Evia.

In Roman times, Edipsos was a cosmopolitan resort with lots of travelers. Aristotle talks about earthquakes and the creation of the thermal springs in Edipsos. But even in more recent years, famous people, writers, artists, politicians, such as Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, Greta Garbo, Winston Churchill visited Edipsos and were attracted by its beauties and the therapeuting and relaxing spa waters.

The town of Edipsos still remains a cosmopolitan destination for spa that offers a wide choice of activities at the same time.

Visit Edipsos and refresh yourself with its natural treasures. Take your afternoon and evening walk on the beach and taste unique delicacies. Visit the nearby picturesque fishing villages, swim in the crystal waters and discover the surrounding area.

Rock formations on the beach in Loutra Edipsou, Evia, Greece


Arethousa hotel is located in the heart of the spa town of Edipsos, only a few meters from the port and the waterfront, where you can swim and find lots of restaurants and cafés.

Just a short walk away you can swim in the famous beach, where the hot springs fall, or you can travel along the coastline of Agios Nikolaos and the Gialtra bay and choose one of the numerous enticing beaches you will find on the way.

Our hotel is the ideal base for those who love excursions and want to explore the surrounding area and discover its beauties.


If you seek alternative activities and authentic experiences or you love the sea and sun, you are in the right place.

In the spa town of Edipsos you can find public and private hydrotherapy centers or you can immerse yourself in the healing waters, where the springs fall from the rock and admire the view of the surrounding neoclassical buildings.

Take a stroll in the waterfront of Edipsos and admire the imposing buildings with the great architecture. Behind the National Tourist Organisation’s hydrotherapy facilities you can find the baths and caves of the Roman general Sulla.

At “Kima” you can admire the lovely sunset. Have a coffee or taste a delicious sweet by the sea or taste the cuisine in one of the restaurants.

Beautiful sunset at the Greek spa resort with the hot springs of Loutra-Edipsou.
Church of Saint John Russian


Close to the village of Rovies, is the Holy Monastery of St. David, one of the most important and historical monasteries in Evia, with lots of pilgrims arriving from every part of Greece and abroad.

At the village of Prokopi there is the Holy Pilgrimage of St. Ioannis Rossos attracting a large number of pilgrims, where the holy relics of the Saint are kept.

Near the picturesque coastal town of Limni, within a lush landscape, a few kilometers away exists the historical Monastery of St. Nikolaos, known as Moni Galataki.

Another famous monastery you can visit is that of Agios Georgios in Ilia.

A tasteful journey

Together we can design a tasteful journey by tasting the local cuisine and products.

Walking along the waterfront of Edipsos you can find lots of eateries and cafés, buy local products and taste delicious traditional “loukoumades” (donuts with honey and walnuts).

In the nearby picturesque villages: Ilia, Pyrgos with its long sandy beach, Oreoi with its fifth century BC bull, and the pretty port of Agiokampos, where ferries leave for the mainland, you will find great variety in seafood and freshly caught fish.

For meet lovers visit the village of Agios, only ten minutes by car, and taste the excellent meat and the famous “tyropitari” (deep fried pastry filled with Feta cheese).

The area produces a plethora of culinary and agrifood products of great quality: figs, olives, olive oil, honey.

In the village of Taxiarchis you can taste the local figs.

Γαστρονομία​ στην Αιδηψό
Λουτρά & Spa​ στην Αιδηψό

For outdoor activities lovers

The destination offers a wide range of activities, such as hiking in Mountain Telethrio, diving and horse-riding in the small village of Kamatriades.

In Kanatadika beach, that overlooks the Aegean sea, there is wind for windsurfing.

Endless beaches and lush scenery

Discover the endless beaches! Some of them overlook the Aegean sea and others the Evian gulf: some cosmopolitan and others calmer. Swim in their blue waters with pine trees reaching many of the beaches.

Don’t forget to visit the famous Lichadonisia, a complex of 7 small islets opposite the seaside town of Lihada. The beach is sandy with blue and shallow waters. You take the small boat from the beach Cavos and go across. The popular beach called Agios Georgios is organized with sun loungers and umbrellas. There is also a shipwreck from 1943 that is visible through the transparent waters at a particular spot. And if you are lucky, you can see a family of seals.

In Gialtra bay you can find a large coastline with beautiful beaches around every bend in the road, others organized, such as Xrisi Akti in Gregolimano, and others not. In Gialtra village you can also find thermal springs and admire the magnificent view.

You can also swim in the crystal waters of Pyrgos, at Chronia beach, 5km away from Limni, at Agiokampos and Kanatadika beach.

At a 5 minute drive away from Edipsos you can find the area of Agios Nikolaos with a large beach with pebbles and nice taverns and cafés.

Lichadonisia Islands

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